Oct 7, 2010

Street Style: Stand the Heat

This is Kristen. As in Kristin O'Connell. She was crossing the street on S & 21st when I rode my bike past her. I noted her careful study of neutrals and this kickin' pair of cowboy boots. I decided to pull over and ask her to let me take a picture of her. I loved the earthy color of her dress and its nubby texture, and felt that the whole look captured Sacramento essence: laid-back style with touches of interest.

Her dress, you'll note is a wonderfully textured knit, and is very au currant in it's neutral hue. A nice contrast to the minimal lines of the dress, Kristen wore a few well-placed pieces of jewelry that added texture. My favorites were her necklace & ear-ring set, black metal work medallions, picked up for cheap at Forever 21. And adding even more heat to the fire was her magnificent bag, a shoulder bag made from an old Basmatic rice sack and some cotton ticking. I loved how texture of the rice back and the stripes of the ticking echoed the texture of her sweater dress.  I won't even mention the wow factor of her incredible studded Frye cowboy boots, a score she said, found at Nordstrom Rack.

She was just walking home from a job interview. Which she got, by the way, thank you very much. Kristen will begin working at Tuli's within the week. She's also a personal chef, and she runs Kristen's Healthy Kitchen, which you can fan over at Facebook. Go ahead and fan her here

I'd like to thank Kristen for stopping for a stranger, for letting me take her picture, AND  for having fantastic Sacramento street style.


Forevermelody said...

Hells yes, that girl is stylish. Good find, Bella!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thanks, Melody. I thought so!

Megan said...

as a major Tuli fan, I welcome her and can't wait to see what she brings to the Sunday Funday festivities!

ps love that entire outfit...that bag is amazing!

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