Aug 24, 2011

Stitches and Smiles

Check out this totally adorable chica who is rockin' out the high waist acid wash jean shorts and cropped embroidered tie shirt. She is in head to toe attire from  Crimson and Clover   Yah, she makes me smile too. - Kerry Dolan

Aug 17, 2011

Street Style: Zara , the magnificent

Zara. The most artistic, brilliant teen to stroll the streets of Midtown Sacramento. She was outside of Magpie Cafe enjoying lunch with her mom, Amy. She recently attended the Verge Center for the Arts rummage sale. For 5 bucks, she scooped up a bag full of clothes. This vibrant floral beauty quickly became her favorite. I see her quite often , and I never cease to tell her how amazing she is. Love her big time.
-Kerry Dolan

Aug 15, 2011

Street Feet: Sacramento is a Boot Town

FACT: Sacramento is a boot town. As shown at last Saturday's Second Annual Designing Dreams Fashion Show at the Memorial Auditorium.
For more pictures of the event, click HERE

Aug 4, 2011

Street Feet: Spectator Sport

Observe the Spectator in resplendent glory as captured on the streets of Old Sacramento. This gent sported some serious style with a non-leather version of the classic correspondent shoe.   Dapper on the floor boards in his two-toned patent and tan snake-skin semi-brogues, and his ain't-whistling-dixie striped velveteen trousers that featured a delicious cocktail of browns ranging from cinnamon, cream soda, chocolate to root-beer, the dandy definitely put the Zoot in his suit.

(Photo Credits: Kerry Dolan)
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