Oct 19, 2010

Wade a Minute

This is Jen Wade in 60 seconds.
Say hello to California chic in 3 easy pieces. 
A poppy-red flow-y tunic with tribal embroidery
+ short shorts, long legs 
+ a great pair of high-heeled wedges 
= one tall glass of water. 

Now, THAT'S refreshing. 
(You can read more about Jen in a Citizen Rosebud interview here.)
Shirt: Recent purchase from Sugar Shack
Shorts: Banana Republic on sale
Shoes - Bettye Muller, Anthropologie on sale


Marta said...

fabulous tunic!

Andi said...

Love the shoes! And love the shout out to Banana! I know people like to look down on large stores like Banana/JCrew/etc. but they make great, accessible pieces at a great price. It's all how you put the pieces together that make the look. Who says you have to style it preppy/military/boho (or whatever they are pushing that season)?!

Joanie :) said...

Very cute! I LOVE Anthro. It was really nice meeting Bella and Kerry on Saturday night @ Il Fornaio too:)
Love, Joanie Olive

the Citizen Rosebud said...

@ Marta & Andi: agreed!

@ Joanie: HELLO! Was so good to meet you and the charming Mayo last Saturday. I'd love to contact you...so email me, ok? -Bella (citizenrosebud@ymail.com)

Trisha said...

Jen Wade whatta BABE!

Heather Fonseca said...

Nice! I'd wear that whole outfit, well maybe with capri pants.

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