Jun 26, 2011

Smashing & Dashing: the Annual Seersucker Ride

Sacramento Seersucker Ride Serves up Serious Street Style
Here's a peek at the stylish folks who participated in this year's Sacramento Tweed Seersucker Ride. Meeting at Temple Coffee/Revolution Wines in Midtown, the riders dressed up in their seersucker finery to celebrate style over speed. 

Hands down the most gloriously dressed were Melody and Chris. Melody's no stranger to Street Style SACRAMENTO, having already made an appearance here last year. Chris's style has been documented before, most notably on Sac Cycle Chic. You can check out his sartorial savvy here and here. This gentlemen knows how to rock the seersucker.
Chris is Looking Dandy in Seersucker
Melody is proof of Style Over Speed.

Jun 24, 2011

Street Feet: Mustard Kicks

Kicking away any hint of grey are these vintage mustard yellow Converse shoes as seen on the likes of uber-cool style master, Mr. Stan Tindall. His low-key/flamboyant style of dress serves up a bright reminder that you don't have to blend in to fit in. You can see the rest of this handsome gent and his mad style in any one of his music projects be it the classic Troublemakers or the newly formed bluesy Scouse Gits. More information can be found here.

Jun 19, 2011

BLOW UP breezes through Sacramento

Legendary Music Club Blow Up founder Paul Tunkin and Claudia Arnold swing by Sacramento
Celebrating 18 years of this historic British music club, Paul Tunkin of Blow Up recently went on a world tour hitting only 3 spots in the U.S:  L.A., San Francisco and Sacramento. So how did our little cow town get so lucky to be included on this exclusive list? We have Roger, resident DJ of Lipstick and Record Club to thank for that. 

Meeting the man behind Blow Up was mellow and low-key; Paul Tunkin is approachable, down-to-earth, and eagar to talk about the music scene he helped foster and so clearly loves. Looks great in stripes too, for the record.

Jun 12, 2011

Zach the Knife

Sacramento's Sharpest Dresser: Zach the Knife
Meet the best dressed man in Sacramento.

Zach's style is so sharp it cuts, well, like a knife. 

This sweet suit was scored from a thrift shop- it fit him perfectly and the cuffed hem is nothing short of marvelous. The nice dandy details added- the pink dotted tie, crisp white pocket square, and polished cuff links place Zack's sartorial savvy on the cutting edge.
Photo Credits; Bella Q (taken with an iPhone)

(Edit: I had to add this photo that someone took of me taking a picture of Zach. Street Style SACRAMENTO. )

Jun 9, 2011

Vintage Kate

Kate Ramos Looks Electric in her Bright Green Hair.

This lovely in her bright green hair stood out even in a florist shop. Bold as any blossom, she wore a Prada-esque cobalt blue striped sweater which went great with her bright green colored hair. If there seems to be a trend that is quietly moving into the mainstream it seems to be the ease of wearing  neon colored hair.
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