style found on the streets of California's capitol.


Bella Q.
Bella Q started Street Style Sacramento 
in October 2010. When not pounding the
pavement seeking out the unique and stylish denizens of Sacramento, California, Bella can be found either thrift shopping, or blogging. She is the floral crazed citizen behind local indie fashion blog, the Citizen Rosebud, and a contributer to CBS Local Sacramento.

Kerry Dolan.
Kerry Dolan is a contributor 
to Street Style SACRAMENTO. While Kerry is
a fierce follower of fashion and street style, she
is also a vocal proponent to urban agriculture 
and sustainable living.


Keri Wood.

Keri Wood is a contributor to Street Style SACRAMENTO.  She is a freelance photojournalist, urban-guerilla street photographer trying to capture the “common man”.  You can find Keri on her own life and style blog at www.headlinesandhemlines.com
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