Oct 25, 2010

Haute for Teacher

I captured these early evening shots (on my Canon PowerShot A480 point & shoot), just around the corner of The Grand Wine Bar, where this lovely professional was off to socially sip some vino. 

Class, meet Ms. Moore.  She teaches honors English and Creative Writing at a local high school.

Biologically speaking, it all adds up: relaxed yet polished in a sleek package of silky greys and a classic black pencil skirt. Not to be confused with the dullness of say, an Accounting class, this school-marm delivers a hot shot of literary color with the addition of her vividly sequined designer handbag. Let there be no debate: this IS a study of Sacramento style. Rhetorically speaking, Ms. Moore most definitely makes the honor roll. A+

Photo credits: Bella Q

  • Grey silk shirt & black skirt are from Express
  • Isabella Fiore handbag
  • Steve Madden shoes


natale eve said...

Cutie! What a great top. Express?! I haven't been there in well over 5 years... probably pushing 7 or 8. I just might have to take a trip back soon.

Marta said...

the most stylish teacher ever! i would be more motivated to attend classes if any of my teachers from the past were so chic as she is!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

LOL. Totally, Marta. I think teachers who dress up gain the attention of both boys and girls. Here's to an education in style.

feministified said...

love. her. shoes.

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