Oct 6, 2010

The Girl (& Boy) Next Door

These are my neighbors, Ari Lozano and Ernst Vco. They are originally from Southern California, but since they moved to Sacramento 3 years ago, they now consider themselves happy Sacramentans. Looking like your typical indie Midtowners, they took a quick smoke break before grabbing their bicycles and heading over to the Blue Lamp to catch a show. 

Ari is wearing: 
Top: A hand-me down from a friend's mama
Jeans: Ross/ Brand: Hydraulic
Shoes: 8-hole Chuck Converse All-Stars
Owl Pendant: Forever 21
Bead necklace:Thrift store
Snake brooch: a tiny shop on Haight-Ashbury in S.F.

I've taken photos of Ernst before and you can see them here.

1 comment:

Forevermelody said...

Looove that snake broach! I'm excited to follow this here blog!

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