Oct 28, 2011

Oxford Girl

Looking SMART and SHARP.
This mademoiselle gets top marks in her collegiate study of browns, creams and blue. There's just the right amount of "pop" to her look- coming from the bold blue and chevron texture of her shirt, and her accessories. Just look at those cutely bookish horned-rimmed glasses and charming Bolo tie. And from the looks of her shoes, you can tell she's an Oxford girl.   

Her street style gets an A+

Photo Credits: Vincent Kenney

Oct 26, 2011

Street Style: BOW TIE

Trending: the lost art of the bow tie may be making a comeback.
The art of the bow tie has become a lost art. The  step-by-step application of a proper bow tie has been kicked to the curb by clip-ons. This is sad news, I know. 

This young sweetheart was discovered waiting for his beverage at a local coffee shop in Midtown, Sacramento. Says he: less than a year ago, he discovered the beauty of a bow tie, and went on to master making the perfect shape. This young gentleman has avidly collected all fabrics, styles, and prints of bow ties. 

Guys, gals, and pets alike should all re-discover the bow tie this season. Go ahead, try it!
Complimentary tutorial by Brooks Brothers.
-Kerry Dolan

Oct 23, 2011

Red Hot: Idalia

Where there's smoke there's fire: Idalia is smokin' in her red hot tee.

This sometimes Sacramento resident always looks cool even when red ha-ha-hawt. The Los Angeles based homeslice knows how to throw down serious street style. She manages to pull off a dolled-up look in her casual fire-engine red jersey knit tee that's been cut into a tank, layered over a candy pink camisole, and paired with a pair of thrifted cotton culottes. The adorable vintage red canvas shoes finish the outfit for a California look that is muy caliente.

Oct 20, 2011

On the Street: Button-down Plaid

Some times nothing works harder than a laid back plaid.
Photo Credit: Vincent Kenney
This is man style, simple but effective: a button-down plaid shirt, work pants, and suede Nikes.  Just kick back and let them come to you.
(Brick wall not included)

Oct 17, 2011

NIght Scene: Torch Club Shine

Seen outside the Torch Club on a Saturday night: this lovely lady wearing a simple black dress with some colorful embroidery at the neck. Crystals and sequins were embellished on the floral applique and they caught the light on the darkened downtown sidewalk.

A new Sacramento transplant from Seattle, she found her dress at the nearby Salvation Army thrift store, and is enjoying discovering the sights and sounds on the streets of Sacramento.

Oct 15, 2011


 Grassroots movement Occupy Sacramento is a Sign of the Times. (Photo Credit: Tom Torres)
Whatever position you may personally take with the Occupy movement, it is indisputable that Occupy Sacramento is part of an historical moment. People are coming together, not necessarily with one voice or a singular message, but in the unity of frustration & the message is loud and clear: people are as mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore. Citizens from all over are meeting to make their voices heard. What have you to say?

Occupy Sacramento's Social Media:
Twitter: @occupysacto

Oct 13, 2011

Style SACRAMENTO: Fab in Anthropologie

This wonderful woman always manages to looks chic, and the day I captured her for Street Style SACRAMENTO was no exception. Lise is wearing a fabulous crepe chiffon sun-dress purchased from Anthropologie. The color palette of biscuit, ecru and salmon swam beautifully together and I loved the fun detailing of vintage style tassles along the hem and seams. The lines on the patch-worked print of the dress were echoed by the gladiator straps of her heeled sandals. And while she insisted she was not photogenic, I found Lise and her impeccable style to be, picture perfect.   -Bella Q

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