Oct 22, 2010

Street Style: Dress to Express

retired/ patron of the Arts
artist & bad-ass
Jacket, shirt, sometimes a tie, pants & shoes: that is the uniform of dressing as a man. Seems limiting to me, but creative men get creative with this formula. Above are 4 candid shots of some Sacramento gents dressing to express. 

Unfortunately I didn't get the architect's name, but did learn that his incredible tie was designer. Bugler. And vintage. I love the look, creative yet classic. And man, can't get enough of those horned rimmed glasses. 

The colorfully suited man told me his name was "Bob," and that he was retired. The suit was actually a costume that he rented from Cheap Thrills, a Sacramento institution for costume rentals. He described himself as an art lover.

Danny Scheible, an inventor/designer is is wearing a "tape tie" of his own design made out of tape. You can see more of his tape creations at: tapigami.com.

And no Sacramento street style blog would be complete without a few photos of Sacramento style icon and artist/musician, Steve Vanoni, so consider this the first of a probable many. His outsider style is always effortlessly cool, and this shot of him wearing a vintage leather jacket and torn-up t-shirt and vintage cowboy boots was no exception.


Nora-transient*treasures said...

Way cool. I had the honor of vending next to Danny Scheible at October's Park Your Art (2nd Saturday). His work is awe inspiring, and he is just an incredible, magnetic persona. :~) Nora

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Nora: thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yeah, he's seems pretty laid back. And I loved the hat his lady-friend Zara was sportin'.

sacramento said...

I will have to move to my own name town to see all these cool people. Love them all!!!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Ha ha ha, Sacramento. At the very least a quick visit!

Marta said...

the man with watches on the jacket - brilliant!

minnja said...




the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thank you minnja

Annushka said...

I love streetstyle!!!)))
Very, very, very, nice post!!!

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