Jul 31, 2011

World's Cutest Couple

The streets of Midtown host the style of the world's cutest couple. (Photos: Bella Q)

There is nothing that stirs the heart's cake batter like watching a very cute couple making eyes over their bicycles at each other. Let's just say: the day these photos were taken, proverbial cute couple cake batter was being whisked all up and down the block on J Street. 

The lovely ginger goes by Brittani, with an i, as in "I am so stinkin' cute somebody needs to name a cupcake after me." And the sweet-faced bloke goes by David. He's a musican. Plays in a few bands- one is call K-sera; he plays keyboards. 

And if you can't tell, I think they're in love. 

Jul 28, 2011

Snapshot- Launch 2011

Kari catches Launch (photo credit: Bella Q)
Kari Shipman of Juniper James and part of the organizing team for Launch 2011, snaps a photo of some of the revellers of the event. For more pictures of this fun fashion/music/design soiree be sure to check out their facebook page: here.

Jul 20, 2011

Street Feet: White Checkerboard Vans

This is the masculine version of the recent trend seen on the streets: white shoes and black socks or tights. These rare but beloved white checkerboard Vans were paired with a pair of thick black cotton athletic knee-highs and long shorts on a stylish Sacramento local who looked effortlessly chill and dashing.          -Bella Q 

Bella Q is the voice, camera and outfits behind local personal style blog, The Citizen Rosebud. When she's not out pounding the pavement looking for a tasty style bite, she can probably be found at de Vere's Irish Pub, tossing back a cold one. 

Jul 13, 2011

Street Style: Men in hats

Dust off your best hat, and turn your attention to the stage. Tonight's free music in the park, will bring out a parade of dudes in their summer head gear. Street Style SACRAMENTO is big fan of a man with a great head accessory.   -Kerry Dolan

Kerry Dolan is a devout midtownie who lives, eats and breathes Midtown culture. She is an avid street style hunter and gatherer, and is the co-founder of Street Style SACRAMENTO.  Her line of vintage clothing can be found this month at the Crimson and Clover Boutique.

Jul 6, 2011

Squash Blossom

She was a good 10 feet away from me , and I zeroed on on that ring of hers. I think I froze, feet stuck to the floor and mumbled to my friend how much I adored it. As she got closer, it just got better. Long black dress, brown roughed up Frye boots, silver bangles, and the damn bag that broke my heart.
The rings was found at one of many trading posts in the South West, and she informed me that the glorious , fringed perfectness was bought for practically pennies at an Antique Store.
I felt bad that I was going to disturb her lunch, but I just had to talk to her! I found out that she is owner and operator of Squash Blossom Vintage from Austin Texas. She is out here visiting family , and going to work the Second Sunday Antique Fair. She  crazy beautiful and super cool.

Squash Blossom shout out :Urban Outfitters monthly Diary
Her Tumblr: Woodsmaiden Tumblr
Etsy: Squash blossom Vintage

Jul 2, 2011

On the Street: Ronda Lee

Name: Ronda Lee
Age: 21
Fashion Muse: Anne Tindall
Occupation: Student. Art Studies.

What drew my eye to this gingered beauty was the crafted use of color- the way her hair and her dress went together and the perfect pop of moss green contrasting the whole look in a delicious dripping of suede and fringe. She loves to dress up, preferring big, bright and bold colors and prints.

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