Jan 28, 2011

Man's Best Friend

Two friends, out for a walk in Curtis Park.
 My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet.  -Edith Wharton

Jan 24, 2011

Street Style: The Tindell Edition

 I'm thinking that I should just change the name of this blog to "Street Style TINDELLS." Already I've posted about them twice, here and here, with a big feature on Ann's style in the works. But when I ran into Stan and Ann at the Verge Success party last week, I couldn't resist snapping a few more shots. Both Stan and Ann were dressed to impress in delicious retro. Ann's dress, a gorgeous silk 1960's shift was a score she scooped up from eBay for under $30 bucks. The sheen of the dress and the shine of her shoes weren't the only thing that dazzled either. Stan, no stranger to a best-dressed list himself, shone effortlessly with his vintage tan leather and his favorite fashion accessory: his beautiful wife.

Jan 20, 2011

(Kristy) Green with Envy

 Oh Kristy Green: I could write a love letter to your inimitable style. HOW for over a decade you have inspired the streets of Midtown with your down-to-earth warmth and unearthly beauty. How you can rock the fuck out of a vintage sweater with minimal effort, and exemplify the quirky character of Sacramento street style. But I will refrain. As I've waxed poetic here, here, here, here and here. Instead I will patiently wait for the next glimpse of your effortless and unforgettable grace. -Bella Q
(Photo credits: Kerry Dolan)

Jan 17, 2011

Street Feet: Penny (loafers) for Your Thoughts

This gent was a gentleman. Wearing head-to-toe Brooks Brothers casual, he stood out like a beacon in the crowd of desperately dark hipsters. His crisp white shirt, 2-ply cashmere vest in navy, and those All-American plaid pants made for a taste of apple pie with an upper crust. But the shoes are what sold me his American dream. Cherry picked, hand-stitched richly colored, Cordovan leather penny loafers. Made in Italy. Of course.

Jan 14, 2011

Street Style: Retro Redux

It's a Mod, Mod, Mod world to the Tindalls.
The year: late 2010. Photo taken at the Citizen Rosebud's Headquarters.
The couple: Stan & Ann Tindall, two serious aficiondos of the 1960's.
Both are decked out head to toe in vintage from their favorite era, looking
perfectly at home on the streets of Sacramento.

Jan 10, 2011

Street Style: Second-hand Rose

100% thrifted.
Jade loves her secondhand thrift stores. Shown shopping the racks at Thrift Town.
First-rate street style comes from second-hand clothing.

I met Jade over the clothing racks at the El Camino location of Thrift Town. She was shopping with her grandmother.  We exchanged admiration over our outfits, and noted that both were 100% thrifted, A Sacramento native and former fashion student, Jade now studies Literature and Art in North Carolina, where she assures me, the thrift stores are pretty amazing. I get the feeling she REALLY likes to thrift shop. 

When asked about what inspires her fashion, she says simply:" music." She plays it as she dresses and an outfit emerges. "You should have seen me in my Lady Gaga phase," she laughs. "If I'm listening to Katy Perry, it's something fun and colorful; if it's Slipknot, I'll be wearing dark colors, maybe wear something more androgynous. I definitely dress to express." 

While no stranger to fast fashion stores, (she mentions Forever 21 as a place where she buys some of her accessories and tights," she says pointedly "if it's not from the Goodwill, it's probably something from my grandma's closet." It's a good thing her grandma is a snappy dresser.

(text and photos: Bella Q)

Jan 7, 2011


Home of Sacramentans Stan and Ann Tindell, arguably the best dressed couple of Midtown. Both lovers of mid-century modern, sixties garage bands and Mod fashion, Ann and Stan have created a love nest that is at once uber-cool, warm,  and fun to hang out.

Ann is a serious fashion enthusiast, working on a mind-boggling collection of vintage Pucci's and Rudy Gernreich. Stan is a mild-mannered, soft spoken artist/musician sort, probably best known as the bass player for The Troublemakers and Th' Losin' Streaks. Together, Stan and Ann collect things. Really, really, REALLY cool things.

You can check out Stan's website by clicking here.

Sacramento Home Style: the living room of cool couple, Stan & Ann Tindell. (photo credit: Bella Q)
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