Dec 29, 2010

Andy Keogh, R.I.P.

Andrew Allen Keogh passed away Monday morning, December 27th, due to complications of testicular cancer. He was 39 years old. He passed away peacefully, in his sleep, at home, close to his family and loved ones. Andrew is survived by his sister, Jenny, his brother Matthew, and his son Tyler. 

Andy, as he was known to his friends, was known and loved by many, and his untimely exit is a great loss to us all. He was a familiar face to the tattoo crowd, working the early years of American Graffiti, in its hipster heydays. Andy Keogh was a singer, playing frontman in THE UPSETS, a local late punk-rock favorite of the mid-to-late '90's. Perhaps his oddest yet most memorable public connection is his decade long stint working the HABA department at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, where he achieved near celebrity status for his exemplary customer service and memorable punk-infused fashion sense.

Andy Keogh was known all around town, in a variety of social circles. He was friendly, easily liked and loved by many. An original mind possessing a sensitive soul, Andy was an artist, musician, and performer, as well as a proud father to his son Tyler. Andy had the touching ability to relate to almost anybody and a conversation with Keogh had him giving the speaker his undivided attention.  His distinctive dress, plentiful tattoos and and sincerity made Andy stand out in a crowd. He offered up his unique self to the world in his unforgettable take-it-or-leave it style. He will be sorely missed.

There will be a private funeral service to be held for family members and a memorial is being planned for his friends and family to gather and celebrate his life in accordance to his last wishes. 
Andy Keogh (Photo credit: Megan Langley)
Keogh and Brown Sabbath performing at "Hoodstock," in 2004 (Photo credit: M. Langley)

Keogh in the days of The Upsets circa 1997
A youthful Andy playing to to crowd
Andrew Allen Keogh
March 19, 1971-December 27, 2010
"May your star brightly shine in the peace you now find."

Andy Keogh's Memorial is scheduled to take place Saturday, January 8th, 2010 at The Townhouse. Mike Farrell will perform, the time still TBA

1517 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 273-7460

There is now a Facebook fanpage for Andy Keogh where his friends, fans and loved ones can share their memories of this remarkable man.
"LIKE" Andy Keogh on Facebook by clicking here

If you'd like to volunteer to help with the benefit concert for the memorial, including sharing pictures and memories of Andy Keogh, please contact Kristine David: 

Dec 27, 2010

Slice of CAKE

Delicious helpings of DiFiore, McCrea, MacCurdy and Nelson make up Sacramento's CAKE
Help yourself to a slice of Sacramento songster's
first album release in 6 years. If the catchy single

"Sick of You" is any indication,CAKE's soon-to-be-released Showroom of Compassion promises to be a sonic treat.
Pre-orders are available on their website.

Now available for Pre-Order! Pre-orders ship by Jan 11th

Dec 23, 2010

'Tis the Season

Happy Holidays from Street Style SACRAMENTO
Wishing you all a warm & wonderful Holiday season.
See you in the New Year!

Dec 20, 2010

Lucky Local Winner: Heart Clothing Boutique

Sacramento LOVES Heart! Get 15% off your Heart purchase when you mention "ROSEBUD."
The lucky local winner for the Heart Clothing Boutique gift card goes to........
Brigette Black! 
Congrats to Ms. Black for winning the $15 dollar gift card redeemable at Heart Clothing Boutique. 
Please email for details. 

Remember we ARE all winners here in Sacramento. Local readers enjoy 15% off their purchase when they mention "ROSEBUD" at the register. Offer expires January 20th, 2011. 

Dec 12, 2010

Heart Clothing Boutique

Heart Clothing Boutique specializes in fresh contemporary clothing that doesn't break the bank.

Vanessa Lopez is the woman with Heart
Bold details pack a big punch in this tiny boutique
Heart Clothing Boutique is located at 1903 Capitol Avenue, in Midtown's Handle District.

Heart Clothing Boutique opened its doors on a Second Saturday, October 9, 2010. Located at 19th & Capitol, Heart is nestled in Midtown's Handle District. It's a tiny place that packs a big punch. From the bright red wall, distinctive glossy white deer head, and mix of bold black & white wallpapers, the decor somehow conveys a grandness without overpowering Heart's small space.  There's a surprisingly copious amount of women's clothing, shoes & accessories packed into this petite boutique.

“Heart is truly a labor of love. Everything's been done with careful consideration for my customer as well as their pocket books,” says Vanessa Lopez, Heart's warm and friendly proprietress.  “It’s a place where any woman can come in, find a piece that suits them, and leave feeling special.”

Although this is her first venture, Vanessa has been working retail for over 10 years. Most of Lopez's time was spent as the store manager at Ikon, a local boutique re-known for savvy street fashions and great customer service, and that is where, she says, she got her "hands on experience and contacts" which has helped her create Heart Clothing Boutique.

 "What makes Heart different," explains Lopez,  "is the variety of affordable trendy items you can find here on a daily basis. While there is a variety of shops, there wasn't enough cost effective options for new clothing that wasn't Forever 21. Heart offers fresh, contemporary clothing that won't break the bank."  Lopez says she spends hours "researching and finding the best items at the best value." Heart carries many recognizable labels: BB Dakota, Lush, Tulle, Arynk, and Keds. When asked what her current favorite items in the store were, she laughed and thought a moment, "The shoes. Especially the leopard print booties that just came in."

Heart Clothing Boutique is offering a 15% discount for all Street Style Sacramento and the Citizen Rosebud readers. Mention "Rosebud" at the register and get 15% off your next purchase.

Heart Clothing Boutique is also offering a $15 Heart gift card to one lucky local reader! Be sure to follow Street Style SACRAMENTO, and leave a comment below. The lucky winner will be selected at random & announced December 20th.

Heart Clothing Boutique
1903 Capitol Avenue
Sacramento, California

- open 7 days a week -

Dec 7, 2010

Street Feet: Holiday Sparkle

Hot pink leggings/ knee-hi socks w/ Nordic folk motif/ gold lame boots = HOLIDAY SPARKLE
The feet you've seen already, and the same charming Folkloric socks. HOWEVER, when paired with shiny not-so-lame, lame' cowboy boots, and hot pink legging you are sure to be put in the holiday spirit. I don't even care WHICH holiday. 
(Photo credit: Kerry Dolan)

Dec 4, 2010

Sweater of the 70's.

I have seen Jessica walk the streets of Sacramento before. Like a crane, she moves with grace and her clothes drape  her like a bird wears it feathers.
What caught my eye as quick as a hawk was that gorgeous sweater. It wasn't purchased from Free People, Anthropologie, or even a local boutique. This was handed down from her mama many years ago.
If this was replicated today, the quality would be hard to beat. This sweater has been around for decades and was in perfect shape!
Her jewelry was purchased in Costa Rica and a handful of jewelry shops in the valley.
Her amazing soft, well worn in leather messenger bag was found thrifting. 
She is so beautiful .  I hope to see her again.

Nov 29, 2010

Street Style: A Couple of Cuties

Loressa & Ethan share a kiss on the streets of Sacramento
 Meet Loressa & Ethan.

Newly transplanted via Truckee & Tahoo, this lovely couple now calls Sacramento their home and Midtown their stomping grounds. Ethan is a graphic artist, and Loressa, a nanny by trade has also added a new hat to her titles: BLOGGER. 

Encouraged by Kara over at Crimson & Clover, this adorable fashionista recently took the plunge and started her own blog on Wordpress. Entitled "L on Sac," Loressa hits the pavement and explores her new city. When SSS met Loressa & Ethan, Loressa was wearing an all thrifted outfit, including that killer red vintage wool hat scored from an antique mall, and a LBD freshly plucked from the hangers at C&C.

A couple of cuties, doncha think?  
Street Style SACRAMENTO would like to personally welcome L & E to the neighborhood.

If you'd like to check out Loressa's blog, click here.

Nov 26, 2010

Street Feet: the Red Shoes

Photo credit: Bella Q
 These spicy red patent leather Mary Janes are Mui-Mui,
as in muy caliente! 

Nov 24, 2010

smashing, Pumpkin

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Enjoy that slice of pumpkin pie for me.

Nov 22, 2010

The Wallpaper Coat

No wallflower, this Ginger knows how to stand out in a crowd.

She's a friend of a friend of a friend. Rocking this vintage coat of velveteen in a damask print reminiscent of Victorian wallpaper. I've forgotten her name, but remember her style. Effortless. Polite. Well versed in vintage.

Nov 20, 2010

Sac Tweed Ride

This Sunday is the Sacramento Tweed Ride. So don your tweed, and start pedalling. 

For all the last minute info on the where and when,  check the Sacramento Tweed blog and get all the deets. You can read the updates by clicking here.

Nov 19, 2010

Meet the Eye: Kerry Dolan. Biker, Blogger, Photograher.

Photo credits: Bella Q
Kerry Dolan is a woman with an eye, and a heart for fashion. She studies it, shops it, lives it. She also now photographs it.  Surprisingly camera-shy, given her own propensity of photogenia, she seems more than happy to step behind the lens and chronicle the street style of other fashionable folk. In fact, she'll be doing it tonight, for the first time as official photographer of Street Style SACRAMENTO.

It's no coincidence that Kerry was the first post in the short life of Street Style. For this writer, Kerry embodies the best of Sacramento style: unique, stylish and approachable. She has a personal blog covering the myriad of topics that are near and dear to her, entitled appropriately enough Fashion, Farms and Freedom. A strong supporter of sustainable agriculture, Kerry has somehow worked in organic farming, seasonal cooking and green urban living in her fashion sense, and posts weekly about the local farms and farmers, her bicycling adventures, her lovable husband Joe, and whatever issue she is currently passionate about. You can read her blog by clicking here.

Tonight, Kerry will be covering a premier Sister/Brother style event, Fashion Gives Back, featuring Project Runway winner Christopher Collins, local celebs modeling on a runway, and Mayor Kevin Johnson making a charitable appearance. This huge event is a benefit for the Cap City AIDS Fund, and takes place at Lounge on 20 in Midtown, starting 8 pm. Tickets for the event can be purchased at, or

                                                                                               -Bella Q

Bella Q is the founder of Street Style SACRAMENTO, AND head honcho over at the Citizen Rosebud. She currently contributes to the Midtown Monthly and blogs for Midtown Bazaar.
Kerry Dolan shows off her own sassy street style at the Crocker's Neo-Soiree
Aside from her relentless love of new Jeffery Campbell shoes, Kerry manages to look a million bucks in a thrifted ensemble.
Look for this face behind a camera. She may be wanting to take a picture of you!

Nov 15, 2010

The Company We Keep

Photo credits: Bella Q
There is nothing as comforting as the company of a good friend, or a good shoe that's been worn down, broken-in and is made of leather. With miles of history behind you, and many adventures ahead, it's good to know your friends and your favorite shoes are there to share in the memories of your next destination, flat or steep. YOU are in good company.

Nov 12, 2010

Local Color: Meet Jacque Marie

Name: Jacque Marie

Occupation: Stylist/Make-up artist

How would you describe your style? "My style is always don't have to be tied down to one style. Mix it up a bit! Today, it's just a nice black shirt, some fitted jeans, of course some boots."

Style inspirations: "I am inspired by life, and the ever changing styles I see just walking around downtown."

Style icon: "Marilyn Monroe."

Favorite quote: "Fit in, don't blend in."

Where do you work?    Bia The Salon
                           1320 20th street
                           Sacramento, CA 95605

Your website:     

Photo credits: Bella Q

Nov 10, 2010

Street Style: The Artist's Way

I actually followed this cool-cat of woman a block before I worked enough courage to ask for her photo. We were both on bicycles; I was riding the opposite way. 

She was game, but very nervous. Me too. I'm still getting used to walking up to strangers and asking to shoot them. I'm hoping it gets easier over time. What struck me was her mix of patterns: animal prints with plaid AND argyle. Genius!

Guessed she was an artist. Yep. Her name is Casey, and she and her boyfriend are artists. They live and have their art studio in a Midtown flat on P Street. She's into "monster art."  After  a few minutes of yakking, we both relaxed a bit. Took better pictures. My favorite: the close-up of her leopard coat, tiger print scarf and vintage bra.

After few more minutes of chatting we felt like old friends. One of these days I'm going to have to hunt down her art studio on P Street.                           -Bella Q

Photo credits: Bella Q

Bella Q is a street-style crazed blogger from Sacramento. 
She currently writes for the Citizen Rosebud.
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