Sep 30, 2011

Street Feet: Clark's Originals

Street Style, Sacra-MEN-toe: some styles never go away, like the Clark's Original Desert Boot.
It's nice to see some styles have staying power. Case in point: the Clark's Original Desert Boot. A staple since the early 1950's, Clark's Originals have been the casual shoe of choice, for men who can appreciate an uncluttered, simple, yet stylish design. 

Fast forward to the present: this pair was recently seen on a Sacra-MEN-tan strolling the streets of Midtown. The electric blue striped socks suggest eccentricity, while his solid stand-up character is implied by the stark comfort of his crepe sole.                                                                             -Bella Q

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Sep 29, 2011

Snapshot: Thunderhorse Babe-age

Punk Rock Lives and Smiles at Thunderhorse Vintage
This baby-face cool dude was working the counter at the Midtown's Thunderhorse Vintage last week, and I just had to snap a picture. I LOVE his style, his air of old school oi, with such freshly scrubbed punk-rock panache, but complete a big healthy dose of smile to go with. It seems the folks who work the Thunderhorse take a special delight of being both crazy friendly and looking super cool. 

If you wanna see some cool kids while shopping excellent vintage, go now! And tell 'em Street Style SACRAMENTO sent you.        

2522 J Street
Sacramento, 95816

HOURS: Monday 12-6 pm
Tuesday-Sunday   12- 7 pm

Bella Q is a writer + personal style blogger who loves her hometown of Sacramento. When she's not busy scouring the streets for street style you can probably find her at De Vere's Irish Pub, quaffing a cold one. Oh yeah, she blogs the Citizen Rosebud and is a contributor to CBS Local

Sep 25, 2011

Just Chillin'

I ran the block to get a snap of this summer cutie. She is wearing the sweetest denim dress,  paired with brown vegan oxfords and her favorite belt wrapped around her waist. -Kerry Dolan

Sep 18, 2011

Street Feet: Trending Tan and Tall Platforms

Trending: Tan Leather Platforms (Photo Credit: Bella Q)
Transitioning easily from summer into autumn are these delectable vintage platforms, as seen on the charming hooves of one Nicole Honeyeater, designer for Flaming Hag Folkwear. She is also a co-owner to the midtown vintage heaven known as Crimson & Clover. Nicole pairs her seasoned rich tan leather sandals with another key trend for fall: patchwork prints. Hers are two separates, a blouse and a skirt, both vintage finds from estate sales. Nicole masterfully mixes her patchwork items for a colorful, stylish look that stands tall in between seasons.
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