Nov 25, 2011

Global Accents

This Sacramento lovely looks California casual in her pretty-in-pink shirt with the rolled up sleeves, and high waisted black shorts ensemble. What makes the look  worth a second glance are her color saturated reddish-brown velvety oxfords and her imported shoulder bag. The chili colored bag with the brightly colored embroidered elephant of yellow and turquoise adds enough spice to heat up the outfit.
Photo Credits: Vincent Kenney. Text: Bella Q

Nov 20, 2011

Street Style: Black Beauty

This Sacramento beauty stands out in a crowd.
This lithe and leggy beauty could easily be from a Keane's "Big Eye" painting. Her name is Nicole, and while she looks like a model, she's a Barista at Temple Coffee.
The look is sweet and child-like, down to the crayola styled red-heart tattoo.

What works in this deceptively simple black-on-black ensemble are the subtle textures- from the girl's lank, unkept curls, the horizontal stripes of her tank, to the brilliant vertical run in her black stocking.

Nov 18, 2011

Street Style: Animal Attraction

This Sacramento beauty displays two hot trends while remaining coolly original: feathered embellishment and animal print. For a while now, feathered ear-rings have been flying off the jewelry shelves and onto young girl's ears, and always trending leopard print has recently been leaping into nearly everybody's closet this season. Taking it to the next level, this lovely is looking positively purr-fect in her animal print dyed short hair cut, feathered earrings and lace top, looking every bit Queen of the concrete jungle. 

Text: Bella Q
Photo Credits: Vincent Kenney

Nov 14, 2011

Second Saturday: Naked Canvas

Naked Canvas opening night at Cuff's on Second Saturday drew a fashionable crowd.
Here are some snapshots taken opening night at Cuff's Second Saturday art event. The show, enticingly called Naked Canvas presented "some of Sacramento's most influential and prolific Female Artists, Designers, Entrepreneurs, and Fashion Bloggers."
I was honored to be a contributor to the show, and looked forward in seeing the eclectic exhibit on opening night, and the fashionable crowd that attended it. The evening did not disappoint. Art Second Saturday brought with it a newly minted chill to the early evening air, but that didn't keep people away. The Cuffs boutique was a packed house

Nov 13, 2011

On the Street: A Show of Faith

On the Street: A Simple Show of  Faith (Photo credits: Vincent Kinney)
He may wear his heart on his sleeve, but this man shows his faith on his wrist.

Nov 10, 2011

Java Lounge LIVES!

It's Baaaaack! Java Lounge reopens its doors after a 2 year hiatus.
Call it a comeback.  Java Lounge has returned to life, after a shutting its doors a year or so ago. This latest incarnation of the Java Lounge comes in the form of second owner Jake Albus and his latest business partner, Toben Woodman.  Albus is feeling scrappy and hopeful. The hope largely stems from the buzz that swarmed around Java Lounge's re-opening late last month, and with it, the steady return of many old Java Lounge customers.  "This is great," states Albus, "I'm grateful to so many who remembered us. The fact that they come in after so long is really, really cool."  
Java Lounge owner Jake Albus behind the counter serving up a strong cuppa.
The Java Lounge makes great coffee for good people.
This off Broadway coffee shop was a Sactownie's cultural watering hole, serving customers a dose of street art + music, along with their lattes and mochas. In fact, Albus booked most of the bands, with emphasis on punk rock acts, for the all ages shows. "It served a need," he states,"There wasn't a lot of venues booking this music, so we did it," he says.  The shows were always packed.

All age shows were and are important to Albus, who along with his 

Nov 8, 2011

Twilight Talismans

Talisman: A object held to act as a charm producing magical or miraculous effects. (Photo Credit: Vincent Kenney)
This creature of the night works her magic with her silvered collection of modern-primitive jewelry + her dark as dusk distressed leather jacket.

Nov 3, 2011

Street Style: FCKH8

Walking the streets of Midtown with a shirt like this, will definitely get you noticed. On a black t-shirt 'FCKH8' was printed across his chest in bright pink, bold letters. In addition to his lovable smile, he was rocking out some fierce red hair.

What does it all mean? See for yourself.
-Kerry Dolan
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