Dec 4, 2010

Sweater of the 70's.

I have seen Jessica walk the streets of Sacramento before. Like a crane, she moves with grace and her clothes drape  her like a bird wears it feathers.
What caught my eye as quick as a hawk was that gorgeous sweater. It wasn't purchased from Free People, Anthropologie, or even a local boutique. This was handed down from her mama many years ago.
If this was replicated today, the quality would be hard to beat. This sweater has been around for decades and was in perfect shape!
Her jewelry was purchased in Costa Rica and a handful of jewelry shops in the valley.
Her amazing soft, well worn in leather messenger bag was found thrifting. 
She is so beautiful .  I hope to see her again.


sacramento said...

Lovely sweater, and wonderful fish earrings!!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Beautiful girl and spirit. And yeah, crazy awesome sweater. Nice work, Kerry!

natale eve said...

Wow was a great family closet find! I hope I have the sense to keep things that will be treasures for the next generation. I love my mom's old stuff. That bracelet is amazing also!

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