Nov 19, 2010

Meet the Eye: Kerry Dolan. Biker, Blogger, Photograher.

Photo credits: Bella Q
Kerry Dolan is a woman with an eye, and a heart for fashion. She studies it, shops it, lives it. She also now photographs it.  Surprisingly camera-shy, given her own propensity of photogenia, she seems more than happy to step behind the lens and chronicle the street style of other fashionable folk. In fact, she'll be doing it tonight, for the first time as official photographer of Street Style SACRAMENTO.

It's no coincidence that Kerry was the first post in the short life of Street Style. For this writer, Kerry embodies the best of Sacramento style: unique, stylish and approachable. She has a personal blog covering the myriad of topics that are near and dear to her, entitled appropriately enough Fashion, Farms and Freedom. A strong supporter of sustainable agriculture, Kerry has somehow worked in organic farming, seasonal cooking and green urban living in her fashion sense, and posts weekly about the local farms and farmers, her bicycling adventures, her lovable husband Joe, and whatever issue she is currently passionate about. You can read her blog by clicking here.

Tonight, Kerry will be covering a premier Sister/Brother style event, Fashion Gives Back, featuring Project Runway winner Christopher Collins, local celebs modeling on a runway, and Mayor Kevin Johnson making a charitable appearance. This huge event is a benefit for the Cap City AIDS Fund, and takes place at Lounge on 20 in Midtown, starting 8 pm. Tickets for the event can be purchased at, or

                                                                                               -Bella Q

Bella Q is the founder of Street Style SACRAMENTO, AND head honcho over at the Citizen Rosebud. She currently contributes to the Midtown Monthly and blogs for Midtown Bazaar.
Kerry Dolan shows off her own sassy street style at the Crocker's Neo-Soiree
Aside from her relentless love of new Jeffery Campbell shoes, Kerry manages to look a million bucks in a thrifted ensemble.
Look for this face behind a camera. She may be wanting to take a picture of you!


jemina said...

She is definitely a stylish lady

Happy Weekend babe


sacramento said...

Love your look, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You rock

Anonymous said...

Kerry ,you are so pretty and yes, you do know your fashion and always have!!

Marta said...

absolutely fabulous dress!!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

absolutely fabulous girl!

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

Thanks RQ! Great pictures xoxo

Porkchop Rules said...

She is super FAB! She has her own style and knows how to rock it! Sorry if that sounded corny!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

corny perhaps, but true dat!

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