Nov 12, 2010

Local Color: Meet Jacque Marie

Name: Jacque Marie

Occupation: Stylist/Make-up artist

How would you describe your style? "My style is always don't have to be tied down to one style. Mix it up a bit! Today, it's just a nice black shirt, some fitted jeans, of course some boots."

Style inspirations: "I am inspired by life, and the ever changing styles I see just walking around downtown."

Style icon: "Marilyn Monroe."

Favorite quote: "Fit in, don't blend in."

Where do you work?    Bia The Salon
                           1320 20th street
                           Sacramento, CA 95605

Your website:     

Photo credits: Bella Q


Heather Fonseca said...

Love her earrings.

Marta said...


the Citizen Rosebud said...

I also love the shock yellow in her hair, as well as the great cut.

Kory said...

Good to see such style in the downtown Sacramento area. We need more beautiful artists like this :D

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