Nov 29, 2010

Street Style: A Couple of Cuties

Loressa & Ethan share a kiss on the streets of Sacramento
 Meet Loressa & Ethan.

Newly transplanted via Truckee & Tahoo, this lovely couple now calls Sacramento their home and Midtown their stomping grounds. Ethan is a graphic artist, and Loressa, a nanny by trade has also added a new hat to her titles: BLOGGER. 

Encouraged by Kara over at Crimson & Clover, this adorable fashionista recently took the plunge and started her own blog on Wordpress. Entitled "L on Sac," Loressa hits the pavement and explores her new city. When SSS met Loressa & Ethan, Loressa was wearing an all thrifted outfit, including that killer red vintage wool hat scored from an antique mall, and a LBD freshly plucked from the hangers at C&C.

A couple of cuties, doncha think?  
Street Style SACRAMENTO would like to personally welcome L & E to the neighborhood.

If you'd like to check out Loressa's blog, click here.


sacramento said...

Aren´t they just???? Wonderful

Marta said...

they both look so adorable!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

They were so handsome and sweet! I can hardly wait to hang out with them.

RETRO REVA said...

I LOVE her style, Bella Q !
am heading over to follow her :)

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