Nov 10, 2010

Street Style: The Artist's Way

I actually followed this cool-cat of woman a block before I worked enough courage to ask for her photo. We were both on bicycles; I was riding the opposite way. 

She was game, but very nervous. Me too. I'm still getting used to walking up to strangers and asking to shoot them. I'm hoping it gets easier over time. What struck me was her mix of patterns: animal prints with plaid AND argyle. Genius!

Guessed she was an artist. Yep. Her name is Casey, and she and her boyfriend are artists. They live and have their art studio in a Midtown flat on P Street. She's into "monster art."  After  a few minutes of yakking, we both relaxed a bit. Took better pictures. My favorite: the close-up of her leopard coat, tiger print scarf and vintage bra.

After few more minutes of chatting we felt like old friends. One of these days I'm going to have to hunt down her art studio on P Street.                           -Bella Q

Photo credits: Bella Q

Bella Q is a street-style crazed blogger from Sacramento. 
She currently writes for the Citizen Rosebud.


Forevermelody said...

great style find.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

thanks! i thought so. she's inspired me to mix my love of plaid with animal print. we shall see...

Heather Fonseca said...

Love her argyle! I purchased some argyle tights this year and I'm still getting up the nerve to wear them with a black skirt. She's gone way past me. Good for her. She looks great!

I wanna move to Sacramento.


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