Dec 29, 2010

Andy Keogh, R.I.P.

Andrew Allen Keogh passed away Monday morning, December 27th, due to complications of testicular cancer. He was 39 years old. He passed away peacefully, in his sleep, at home, close to his family and loved ones. Andrew is survived by his sister, Jenny, his brother Matthew, and his son Tyler. 

Andy, as he was known to his friends, was known and loved by many, and his untimely exit is a great loss to us all. He was a familiar face to the tattoo crowd, working the early years of American Graffiti, in its hipster heydays. Andy Keogh was a singer, playing frontman in THE UPSETS, a local late punk-rock favorite of the mid-to-late '90's. Perhaps his oddest yet most memorable public connection is his decade long stint working the HABA department at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, where he achieved near celebrity status for his exemplary customer service and memorable punk-infused fashion sense.

Andy Keogh was known all around town, in a variety of social circles. He was friendly, easily liked and loved by many. An original mind possessing a sensitive soul, Andy was an artist, musician, and performer, as well as a proud father to his son Tyler. Andy had the touching ability to relate to almost anybody and a conversation with Keogh had him giving the speaker his undivided attention.  His distinctive dress, plentiful tattoos and and sincerity made Andy stand out in a crowd. He offered up his unique self to the world in his unforgettable take-it-or-leave it style. He will be sorely missed.

There will be a private funeral service to be held for family members and a memorial is being planned for his friends and family to gather and celebrate his life in accordance to his last wishes. 
Andy Keogh (Photo credit: Megan Langley)
Keogh and Brown Sabbath performing at "Hoodstock," in 2004 (Photo credit: M. Langley)

Keogh in the days of The Upsets circa 1997
A youthful Andy playing to to crowd
Andrew Allen Keogh
March 19, 1971-December 27, 2010
"May your star brightly shine in the peace you now find."

Andy Keogh's Memorial is scheduled to take place Saturday, January 8th, 2010 at The Townhouse. Mike Farrell will perform, the time still TBA

1517 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 273-7460

There is now a Facebook fanpage for Andy Keogh where his friends, fans and loved ones can share their memories of this remarkable man.
"LIKE" Andy Keogh on Facebook by clicking here

If you'd like to volunteer to help with the benefit concert for the memorial, including sharing pictures and memories of Andy Keogh, please contact Kristine David: 


Karen said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. Andy I love you more than words can say. I hope you know how loved you were by so many others as well. May ours souls be joined again on the other side.
Karen xx

Melissa said...

Andy K was a really kind soul and all around nice person. I worked with him at the co-op and honestly there were some serious die hard customer fans that would only go to him :) I loved that about him. He always had a smile and time to talk a few with whoever needed him. He was so attentive to my kids, they loved him and although it's been a long time my oldest daughter now 13 knew exactly who I was talking about and was really sad to hear he had passed.
To Andy's family I am so sorry for your loss he was a shining star.

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

This is beautiful RQ. My heartfelt love to his son and family.

Anonymous said...

I miss you Andy... It was a pleasure to work side by side with you in HABA at the coop in 96 and 97.... RIP

Tanya Anne maria

Anonymous said...

Andy was a one of a kind. He will be greatly missed. I also had the pleasure of being a coworker at the Co-op during the Andy years.
Nic Hartley

Deborah Williams (was Hartley when I knew Andy) said...

I will never forget what an awesome guy Andy was...he was absofuckinlutely brilliant and like another son to sweet, so smart and so unbelievably funny! I never knew what color hair he would show up with, and those shoes!!! The red patent shoes, the wingtips! He was a true original and will be sorely missed. Love you Andy!

Joel Day said...

To a true Rock n' Roll Kamikaze - you were the first person in town to walk up and befriend me back then, and you and Nate were the only people in town to come visit me (and bring me some great records) when I was laid up with my own case of cancer way back when. That meant a lot to me. Sorry I could not return the favor, but I didn't know. I still appreciate that visit so much, just like any of the time spent w/you. Thanks for the fun times, and for just being you. You will be remembered for as long as we are all still kicking, and always spoken well of...deservedly. Be seeing you.

Amber said...

Andy was the kindest person I ever knew. He had no pretensions and, as you wrote, gave each person he spoke with his undivided attention. He treated everyone the same and connected well with absolutely every person he ever came in contact with. I always knew we'd lose him too soon, but I will be forever grateful that I knew him for the brief time I did. Thank you for this well stated tribute.

C.C. said...

I am so sad to hear this news. My love is with his family and friends. Andy was such an awesome guy, an amazing musician and a wonderful friend and I think of him often.

Charlotte Cohen

Nora-transient*treasures said...

I didn't have the honor of knowing Andy, but this is truly a moving tribute. My heart felt condolences go out to ALL of his fans, friends and of course, family. If there will be any sort of a raffle at the fundraiser, please let me know. I haven't much cash, but would be honored to donate a transient*treasure!

Kevin Seconds said...

Andy was always a good and friendly guy to me and found time to chat whenever we ran into each other. Sac has REALLY lost one of it's most beloved and memorable ambassadors with the passing of this good man. My thoughts and condolences go to Andy's memory and his family.
- Kevin Seconds

Anonymous said...

I am so very truly touched by this beautiful tribute. Not only such a well written obituary but, the outpouring of affection, respect and regard for my brother.
We, Andy's family, sincerely thank you all.
-Jenny Keogh

Anonymous said...

Although I knew him for only 6 years AK was like the brother I never had. He was the best story teller I've ever met. His stories and impressions of the Temple Tattoo crackhead were... "ri-cock-ulous!" I hadn't seen him in about a year and we hung out a few times recently. We finally got to play Medal of Honor in co-op mode, & geek out on Star Wars toys. He was digging his new Krypton 81-m afro. Speaking of hair, we were in the theater waiting for Revenge of the Sith to start and I asked if he had tapenade in his hair. I meant to say pomade, of course, but we fucking fell OUT laughing! That was a recurring joke for quite some time. He was too soft hearted for this sometimes cruel world. See you on the other side of the sky. Until then, I'll miss you buddy. The Force will be with you... always. -JT

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you do-but I do-I got a hole in my heart as big as my heart.From X and me to Andy.I remember you always as the guy who knew too much, and I love you for your fortitude in bearing that burden.I'll miss your laugh.Bye, Brother-Dyan

Anonymous said...

I am deeply saddened by this news. I have not seen Andy for about 8 years, but I worked closely with him at the Co-op for 5 years and he always made my day better no matter what was going on. Such a dear, sweet, and fiercely intelligent man. He was a very loyal friend to me. I love you, Andy. Rest in peace. Your friend always, Cynthia Johnson (now Cynthia Garrett)

Robert said...

Rest in peace brother. I will miss you.
Rob Acosta.

Sally said...

I'm so sad.................such a deep soul.

Rest in Peace Andy. xo

Julie the Bruce said...
Here is a flyer from The Hoodstock show in 2004 where I was one of the lucky acts to play a bitchin' party with a bunch of Co-op-ers and other folks. Before the set Andy was complaining his voice was sh*t but when he got up there he completely owned it! Of course! And as the band played (assuming I was not out of my mind) I remember there being fireworks at the end of their set because the neighbors set them off, but I definitely do remember an ultimate rock n' roll moment!
Andy broke down a lot of walls between the norms and the freaks at the Co-op with his charm, knowledge and humor too. We shared a lot of jokes and he helped get me through some hard times working there by giving me something to laugh about.
May The Force Be With You, Andy.

(Thank you for posting this wonderful tribute and sharing the information, it has been more helpful than you know to a lot of people to help deal with how hard this is).

Nate S said...

Andy, I love you buddy. Karen, Jesse, Logan, Sean. Thanks. Tyler, your dad was an amazing guy. I will miss him for the rest of my life. - Nate S

Anonymous said...

Please come to the benefit show, Nate? - Jenny (little sister)

Anonymous said...

Andy, oh Andy. Such a sensitive freak. Miss you like a motherfucker. Life ain't fair, but you knew that years before we ever met. I love you.

Bill Fraud- Drummer, National Acrobat.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

The heartache is at a low-simmer. The thought of you gone, much too early brings a heavy melancholy. The fact you had been in my thoughts for some time, and I never got in touch with you this year, make that sadness even heavier. I hope you know that you were loved, Andy. You came and went in the river of my life, and my life is better for it. Handsome, charming, whip-smart and compassionate made for the lovely bones of your original style. You are, now were, a one-of-a-kind, and I only hope you left knowing the impact you had on others.
I celebrate your life, Andy, and I will now mourn the loss of it, in mine. xo. -Bella Q

Anonymous said...

It's Like finding out that "the DUDE" died. You do not not need to see him every day but just knowing that he was out there made the World a better place. I have a lot of fond memories of you Andy. You were one of the few who could match me dark joke for Dark Joke. You truly made the world better place and on more than one occasion said the ONE thing I needed to hear without ever knowing you said it. R.I.P Dude.

Anonymous said...

I knew Andy when he had only one tattoo. A scull on his right shoulder. [that was covered with work done later] He rode with me in the freezing cold in the back of a pick up truck to see Black Sabbath play. He was there when our friend Sara sang Helter Skelter on the Juke box at Round Table after closeing. He was there two years later and found her mudered [along with two other co workers] I drove him and Rene both to court the day they testified in the Thrill Killer trial. But my memories of him are not tragic. We took a road trip to Santa Cruz, and he bought a Guitar and amp at the musicians trading post. He sold me that amp and I own it still. The last time I saw him we laughed untill our sides hurt. He gave me the nickname that some of my oldest and truest friends still know me by. I am MacGyver. When I see him again in the place punk rockers go when they die. I know we will laugh again untill our sides hurt. Love to all

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