Nov 14, 2011

Second Saturday: Naked Canvas

Naked Canvas opening night at Cuff's on Second Saturday drew a fashionable crowd.
Here are some snapshots taken opening night at Cuff's Second Saturday art event. The show, enticingly called Naked Canvas presented "some of Sacramento's most influential and prolific Female Artists, Designers, Entrepreneurs, and Fashion Bloggers."
I was honored to be a contributor to the show, and looked forward in seeing the eclectic exhibit on opening night, and the fashionable crowd that attended it. The evening did not disappoint. Art Second Saturday brought with it a newly minted chill to the early evening air, but that didn't keep people away. The Cuffs boutique was a packed house

and the cold night air didn't seem to stifle the style of the folks who came out to see the show.  -Bella Q

Photo Credits: Bella Q, Kerry Dolan

Photos: 1) The lovely Jen Wade 2) Bella Q makes a point 3) Stan the Man Tindell in the house 4) Kerry considers a purchase at the register 5) Kara of Crimson & Clover 6) The cutest kid ever 7) Blogger buddies! 8) Great art from Naked Canvas 9) House of Fringe, the next generation 10) Artist Paul Imagine & Company 11) More Art, Naked Canvas

Naked Canvas
shows at Cuffs through-out November
2523 J Street
Midtown, Sacramento


RETRO REVA said...

Oh Bella!
Looks like my kind of crowd ;)
You stole the show, i'll bet!
Who did that wonderful piece (last frame) magnificent!!!!!!!

RETRO REVA said...

I'd like to post it w/a link of course! VERY INSPIRATIONAL :)

Anusha said...

How awesome!! Looks like it was a fabulous and fun event!

Can't wait to go to Second Saturday again ... soon as the baby grows up a bit more. :o)

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