Nov 20, 2011

Street Style: Black Beauty

This Sacramento beauty stands out in a crowd.
This lithe and leggy beauty could easily be from a Keane's "Big Eye" painting. Her name is Nicole, and while she looks like a model, she's a Barista at Temple Coffee.
The look is sweet and child-like, down to the crayola styled red-heart tattoo.

What works in this deceptively simple black-on-black ensemble are the subtle textures- from the girl's lank, unkept curls, the horizontal stripes of her tank, to the brilliant vertical run in her black stocking.

The shoes, the dress, and the messenger bag are all distinctly distressed, which she insists is deliberate; the patina of use adds interest to her outfit.

Street Urchin Chic: the patina of use adds interest to the outfit.

Photos: Kerry Dolan
Text: Bella Q

1 comment:

Anusha said...

Very cool! She has beautiful eyes and hair!

Also love the boots -- I had a pair just like this back in 1991! :o)

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