Oct 17, 2011

NIght Scene: Torch Club Shine

Seen outside the Torch Club on a Saturday night: this lovely lady wearing a simple black dress with some colorful embroidery at the neck. Crystals and sequins were embellished on the floral applique and they caught the light on the darkened downtown sidewalk.

A new Sacramento transplant from Seattle, she found her dress at the nearby Salvation Army thrift store, and is enjoying discovering the sights and sounds on the streets of Sacramento.


RETRO REVA said...

I can't wait to visit Sac town some day!
For Christmas, I will be buying something from your shop with my x-mas cash!
Save me something faboo!
Love to you and Sacramento!
From Cincinnati,

Anusha said...

Pretty! I have a fondness for dresses like this. Reminds me of both South Asian (where I'm from) styles and also Mexican embroidered dresses, which I'm obsessed with. I like how the colors and texture of her hair play off so nicely against the embroidery of the dress!

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