Oct 26, 2011

Street Style: BOW TIE

Trending: the lost art of the bow tie may be making a comeback.
The art of the bow tie has become a lost art. The  step-by-step application of a proper bow tie has been kicked to the curb by clip-ons. This is sad news, I know. 

This young sweetheart was discovered waiting for his beverage at a local coffee shop in Midtown, Sacramento. Says he: less than a year ago, he discovered the beauty of a bow tie, and went on to master making the perfect shape. This young gentleman has avidly collected all fabrics, styles, and prints of bow ties. 

Guys, gals, and pets alike should all re-discover the bow tie this season. Go ahead, try it!
Complimentary tutorial by Brooks Brothers.
-Kerry Dolan


Anusha said...

Very dapper! And a perfect job tying the tie! Impressive. :o)

Josh A. said...

Yes, but is he single?

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