May 8, 2012

Leopard, Sperrys, Shades + a Skateboard

What has two thumbs, leopard print, Sperry Top-Siders, shades, a hat, rides a skateboard, and somehow can pull off the look as stylish without even trying?
Sacramento artist: Daniel White (Photo credit: Bella Q
 This guy, right here.


Beryl said...

Hi Bella! How is Seattle? When I was expecting I gained at least 70 pounds and wore my Sperry Topsiders everyday. The best shoe for men or women. Very cute with leopard. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Kisses from Italy


Kate said...

Hi! My name is Katie and I am a writer for Sacramento Fashion Week. I absolutely love this blog! I love how you do men's fashion as well. I love the documentation of Sacramento fashion!

Bella Q said...

Hi beryl! I just read this - and enjoy the Emerson City. Am currently gearing up for sun.

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