Jan 16, 2012

Street Style: A Man's Man's Man's World

It's a Man's Man's Man's World: Sophia Makes the Most of Men's Wear in Midtown Sacramento
Sophia was recently spotted thrifting in midtown in head-to-toe menswear.
The man’s chapeau, worn at the back, suspenders and wingtip shoes paired with the skinny jeans keeps her look feminine while borrowing from the boys.

Street Style SACRAMENTO: Describe your personal style?
Sophia: My personal style is 1950’s businessman. Always pulled together (and looking sharp, might I add).

Street Style SACRAMENTO: Where do you find your inspiration? 
Sophia: My dad, for sure, and I really admire the style of musician Janelle Monae. I love her bow ties.

Dressed for Success: Sophia powers up in a vintage men's suit.

Street Style SACRAMENTO: Since you’re out thrifting today, are anything your wearing thrifted?
Sophia:Yes, my thinking man's tie. I just thought it was interesting. 

Text and Photos by Keri Wood. Wood is a professional photo-journalist and currently blogs at headlinesandhemlines.com

1 comment:

Beryl said...

I love the tie with The Thinker on it.

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