Aug 4, 2011

Street Feet: Spectator Sport

Observe the Spectator in resplendent glory as captured on the streets of Old Sacramento. This gent sported some serious style with a non-leather version of the classic correspondent shoe.   Dapper on the floor boards in his two-toned patent and tan snake-skin semi-brogues, and his ain't-whistling-dixie striped velveteen trousers that featured a delicious cocktail of browns ranging from cinnamon, cream soda, chocolate to root-beer, the dandy definitely put the Zoot in his suit.

(Photo Credits: Kerry Dolan)

1 comment:

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I'm so glad I found your blog (through 'pull your socks up' btw). I love street style and do a similiar thing here in Germany. I have a segment called 'Euro Trash' that will post in about 7 hours (its scheduled) if you want to check it out and see whats going on over here.

You are more clever with asking people to take thier photos. What do you say to them? Do you give them a card?

Due to the language barrier, its easier for me to 'sneak' photos - which usually results in a side profile (or back side is common too).

Love your blog - I'm your newest follower. Stop by sometime and say hi.


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