Jun 12, 2011

Zach the Knife

Sacramento's Sharpest Dresser: Zach the Knife
Meet the best dressed man in Sacramento.

Zach's style is so sharp it cuts, well, like a knife. 

This sweet suit was scored from a thrift shop- it fit him perfectly and the cuffed hem is nothing short of marvelous. The nice dandy details added- the pink dotted tie, crisp white pocket square, and polished cuff links place Zack's sartorial savvy on the cutting edge.
Photo Credits; Bella Q (taken with an iPhone)

(Edit: I had to add this photo that someone took of me taking a picture of Zach. Street Style SACRAMENTO. )


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Love the fellow. Goog job .

sac cycle chic said...

An iphoner...brilliant! Love the post!

sacramento said...

Fantastic, so chic, daring and classy.

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